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HOLT- Backed Systems Integration Technology Firm Launches in San Antonio to Fill Gap in Industrial Ecosystem

SAN ANTONIO (June 2, 2022) – A new technology company is calling San Antonio home. Epiphany Industrial Technologies, part of the HOLT family of companies, is a systems integrator developed to tackle the built world's challenges by creating digital solutions for industries including heavy equipment, construction, manufacturing, energy and sustainability.


Epiphany is led by President Joyce Pingel, who also serves as CIO and head of digital innovation at HOLT CAT. Pingel was chosen for her extensive knowledge and experience analyzing and implementing innovative IT and digital solutions for national organizations. She has served in senior-level roles in multiple industries, activating and supervising multi-year strategic projects.


Months into her role at HOLT CAT, she and her team identified a gap between HOLT’s needs and the supply of current providers able to effectively integrate and implement IT systems for industrial companies.

“At HOLT, we recognize and reward employees who demonstrate our values and are committed to our mission, vision and values,” said Corinna Holt Richter, HOLT president and chief administrative officer. “Joyce’s commitment to the continuing education of our employees and to ensuring our customers can thrive was the catalyst of our investment in Epiphany.”


Companies in the industrial sector utilize numerous digital systems and software applications in their day-to-day business operations that are often disparate. From customer relationship management, to quoting and sales tools, payment systems, telematic control unit, GPS and more, it has become necessary to find ways to integrate these programs and operate with fewer platforms. That is where Epiphany comes in.


“Epiphany was founded on the belief that technology should ignite opportunities and drive business growth, not be a hindrance” explained Pingel. “Other technology providers don’t understand the complexity of the industrial sector, which can cause significant increases in budget and scope of work. Our goal is to help companies save time and money by serving as the go-between and identifying the right platforms and systems that fit their needs.”


In addition to identifying the right platforms and services, the experts at Epiphany help configure and implement software applications for customers.


Pingel is joined by David Kash, vice president of Solution Delivery, and Dinu Mathai, vice president of Solution Engineering. Kash has a proven track record for bringing complex technology solutions to life and extensive experience in technology and digital strategy. He has led a variety of organizations through transformational change that produced new business outcomes. Mathai is a highly motivated and driven technology leader with knowledge in full life-cycle software development. He is adept at evaluating organizational needs and using technology to provide high-impact solutions.


“HOLT has a legacy of entrepreneurial innovation,” said Peter J. Holt, CEO of HOLT CAT. “Epiphany will implement solutions for HOLT as our systems integrator and create long-term added value and success for the customers we serve and the industry overall.”


The team at Epiphany Industrial Technologies aims to leverage their unparalleled systems integration expertise to unlock business potential and solutions through a holistic approach of people, processes, and systems.


“Construction and manufacturing businesses of all sizes need a trusted technology partner to help them adapt and transform, boost productivity, improve efficiency and provide exemplary customer service,” added Pingel. “We’re a new company with entrepreneurial energy but have the stability of an industry leader.”


Epiphany is currently recruiting for several positions including solution architects, data engineers, project managers, developers, and more. For more information or to apply, visit



About Epiphany Industrial Technologies

Epiphany Industrial Technologies leverages its unparalleled systems integration expertise to help companies in the industrial sector more efficiently and effectively utilize existing software applications in their day-to-day business operations.  


Through expertise in various industries including construction, heavy equipment, renewables and manufacturing, Epiphany brings respect for the built world to every client. As a trusted technology partner, Epiphany helps organizations utilize technology to adapt and transform, boost productivity, improve efficiency and provide exemplary customer service. For more information, visit

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